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These candles have been a labor of love. I knew I wanted to create something special.  After the year we've all just experienced I felt people would welcome a little bit of positive, healing energy and that's exactly what this candle feels like to me when I burn it in my home. Enjoy.



These bath teas are one of my favorite things we carry.  Not only am I happy with the look and feel of the packaging but the products inside are so wonderful.  I never used a bath tea up until recently and it was a great experience!  The essential oils combined with steam from the hot bath and the botanicals, creates such a relaxing spa like experience.

perfectly curated gift sets

Now more than ever people need to  practice self care.  Having a moment to yourself to relax and breath. Maybe a soak in the tub or a spa day at home.  Or maybe it's just lighting your favorite scented candle to bring a little warmth into your home.  Our gift sets are the perfect way to tell someone you care and that they  are worth so much.


Naturally Simple

We use simple all-natural and organic ingredients and infuse them with pure essential oils from premiere refineries around the world.  We handcraft each of our products and take pride in blending and bottling each and every one by hand.  We source eco-conscious packaging and use recycled and biodegradable materials when possible.

In a Lavender Field

"Do things that make you feel good, mind, body, & soul."