Meet Maria, Layla, & Sofie

My name is Maria.  I started The Boho Bath Boutique with the help of my two daughters, Layla & Sofie.   Like most kids these days my girls LOVE bath bombs.  I struggled to find ones that weren't loaded with chemicals, fragrances and artificial dyes so we decided to make our own using all natural ingredients.  One day my daughter Layla asked if we could sell our bath bombs and I guess you could say the rest is history. 

I knew that if we were going to start a business I wanted our company to be eco-conscious. I talked to the girls a lot about sustainability and what that meant to them.  I tried to explain to them about the environmental impact products we use everyday have on our planet and on our health.  They had lots of questions and to be honest I didn't have all the answers, I still don't.  To me there is no wrong answer here and it's a very personal choice but for me, personally, I TRY to buy products that are clean.  This is for MY OWN peace of mind.

We then discussed what was important to us as a family and how could we translate that into our business.  I had many late night discussions with the girls about running a business and the responsibilities that came with that.   We also talked a lot about the importance of giving back in some way. 

Starting this business has made me realize how much I love having the opportunity to spend time with my kids and at the same time have a creative outlet.  I am teaching them that with HARD WORK and a good, solid plan anything is possible.  It has been amazing seeing their creativity shine!  They have so many ideas in those little heads of theirs.  I loved seeing their excitement as our little company came to fruition after all our hard work. 

So after  lots of discussion this is what we collectively decided is important to us as business owners and how we want to grow as a company:

1. Practice sustainability by sourcing organic, recycled/recyclable, reusable and renewable ingredients and packaging when possible. 

2. Source ethically produced ingredients and products.

3. Support & collaborate with other local small businesses.

4. Support, cheer on, and encourage other women owned businesses.

5. Donate a portion of our proceeds to charitable organizations in our area that help feed the hungry and homeless.  GIVE BACK.


We are SO HAPPY you have visited our site!  We hope you find something you like.  Please come back often as we will be expanding and adding to our assortment of products.  We are so excited for this new journey and hope you all join us for the ride!

All the best,

Maria, Layla, & Sofie

so what is boho?

When we were coming up with a name for our company we looked at Pinterest for ideas.  I had the girls start pinning up ideas of what they envisioned our store would look like if we had a brick and mortar location.  What I saw was a lot of bohemian style pins.  They explained to me that this was what was "cool" these days with kids their age.  They pinned imagery of macrame, succulents, boho clothes, neutral colors, baskets, and candles.  I totally dug it!

Having a degree in fashion design the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word boho is fashion.  But of course I had to google boho and dig a little deeper into the world of the bohemian.  Essentially what I found, and what I love so much, is that bohemians were artists, musicians, writers and craftsman who believed in freedom, love, truth, and beauty.  These were the fundamentals from which they all found inspiration.  After learning that I knew boho would be the best way to describe what we were trying to accomplish as a company.

So with all that in mind, our online store will be a collaboration of artists and creators whose products, that are made with love, will be availabe in one place for you to enjoy.    Our products will be natural and beautiful and we hope that you enjoy them.